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Gaining and Re-establishing Control of Your Cleanroom

July 15, 2024 Monday 10:00 AM PT | 1:00 PM ET
Duration: 60 Minutes Webex

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This webinar will focus on the critical steps in starting up a new cleanroom operation and releasing it for manufacturing. It includes a case study-based approach to dealing with excursion events and establishing control of the cleanroom after a worst case event.


This webinar will focus on starting up a new cleanroom operation covering everything from utilities to environmental monitoring. Routine cleaning and disinfection will also be covered. Addressing contamination and bringing up the cleanroom after a worst case event will be discussed along with the case studies.

The webinar will further discuss the excursion investigations and troubleshooting parameters and suggestions.

Areas Covered in the Webinar:
  • Critical steps in starting a new cleanroom operation
  • Critical steps need to release the cleanroom for manufacturing
  • Routine cleaning and disinfection strategies
  • Utilities
  • Contamination
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Establishing control of the cleanroom after a worst case event
  • Excursion events
  • Case studies regarding excursion events
  • Excursion investigations and troubleshooting parameters

Instructor Profile:

Joy McElroy
Principle Consultant, Maynard Consulting Company

Upon earning a degree in Zoology at North Carolina State University, Joy McElroy made her debut in the pharmaceutical industry in 1992 at Pharmacia & UpJohn performing environmental monitoring and sterility testing. Her hard work allowed her to move into a supervisory role at Abbott Laboratories where she oversaw their quality control lab. In 1998, Ms. McElroy moved to Wyeth Lederle and worked in quality assurance, performing GMP compliance audits, batch record reviews, and holding annual GMP training for new employees. After working in quality assurance for a few years, she moved into equipment qualification and cleaning validation at Mallinckrodt.