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Fourth Quarter 2000
There is a 2-3 quarter delay in the availability of Top Marketer information.

Fourth Quarter 2000 Transactions



Sales in
Total 530,430,471
Duke Energy Trading & Marketing, LLC 73,326,227
Reliant Energy Services, Inc. 63,351,266
Aquila Energy Marketing Corp. 58,828,003
Mirant Americas Energy Marketing, LP 42,766,192
El Paso Merchant Energy 26,286,344
CMS Marketing, Services & Trading Co. 22,154,184
Sempra Energy Trading Corp. 20,244,193
Enron Power Marketing Inc. 17,399,954
Avista Energy, Inc. 17,195,570
Constellation Power Source 16,069,477
Entergy Power Marketing Corp. 14,686,425
PP&L EnergyPlus Co. 12,104,561
BP Energy Company 11,192,273
DTE Energy Trading, Inc. 11,068,590
Williams Energy Marketing & Trading 10,830,184
Niagara Mohawk Energy Marketing, Inc. 8,637,472
Dynegy Power Marketing Inc. 7,996,097
HQ Energy Services 7,590,996
Morgan Stanley Capital Group Inc. 7,347,811
Coral Power, LLC 7,256,206
TXU Energy Trading 6,988,728
LG&E Energy Marketing Inc. 6,810,563
Edison Mission Marketing & Trading, Inc. 6,273,831
MIECO, Inc. 5,221,025
Cargill-Alliant, LLC 5,134,518
Enron Energy Services, Inc. 5,110,914
British Columbia Power Exchange 3,972,687
Calpine Energy Services, L.P. 3,511,992
FirstEnergy Trading Services, Inc. 3,213,611
TransAlta Energy Marketing (US) Inc. 2,725,967
Select Energy, Inc. 2,405,543
FPL Energy Power Marketing, Inc. 2,129,481
Merrill Lynch Capital Services, Inc. 1,730,261
Engage Energy America LLC 1,690,542
Hafslund Energy Trading, LLC 1,502,333
PSEG Energy Resources & Trade LLC 1,480,214
Tenaska Power Services Co. 1,034,674
Calpine Power Services Co. 1,024,628
Split River Energy LLC 1,004,120
Koch Energy Trading, Inc. 967,808
TransCanada Power Marketing Ltd. 771,358
DTE Energy Marketing, Inc. 767,252
Griffin Energy Marketing, LLC 729,350
Energy Services Inc. 552,250
ConAgra Energy Service, Inc. 510,989
Conectiv Energy Supply, Inc. 486,816
Strategic Energy, L.L.C. 454,644
Rainbow Energy Marketing Corp. 451,902
ConEdison Energy, Inc.  443,886
Alternate Power Source, Inc. 416,335
Sithe Power Marketing, L.P. 358,000
OGE Energy Resources, Inc. 348,346
CLECO Marketing and Trading LLC 346,572
Pepco Energy Services, Inc. 300,381
TransCanada Energy Ltd 291,727
Central Hudson Enterprises Corp. 225,858
Cogentrix Energy Power Marketing, Inc. 218,700
PEC Energy Marketing 208,325
Cedar Brakes LLC 194,939
The New Power Company 174,176
Advantage Energy, Inc. 170,462
Cinergy Capital & Trading, Inc. 169,281
Hinson Power Co. 168,494
Pacificorp Power Marketing 167,133
WPS Energy Services, Inc. 162,614
Amerada Hess Corp. 148,915
ACN Power, Inc. 137,410
CL Power Sales Two, LLC 106,880
CinCap IV, LLC 92,418
Hartfort Power Sales, L.L.C. 88,830
PG Energy PowerPlus 70,298
CinCap V, LLC 65,876
CL Power Sales Eight, LLC 63,968
CL Power Sales Seven, LLC 55,200
NYSEG Solutions, Inc. 40,709
CL Power Sales Six, LLC 38,715
First Power, LLC 37,993
Coastal Merchant Energy, L.P. 32,800
CL Power Sales Nine, LLC 29,983
Carthage Energy, LLC 18,524
Nordic Marketing, LLC 14,080
NRG Power Marketing, Inc. 12,916
GPU Advanced Resources, Inc. 7,552
Texaco Natural Gas Inc. 5,288
North American Energy, Inc. 2,558
The Legacy Energy Group, LLC 1,877 1,381
American Cooperative Services, Inc. 547
People's Electric Corp. 498