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Obligations and Ethical Considerations for Attorneys Serving on Nonprofit Boards
Jun. 26, 2017

Personal Injury Law for Paralegals
Jun. 27, 2017

Blue Sky Law Basics for Paralegals
Jun. 28, 2017

Writing to Win: The Fundamentals of Legal Writing
Jun. 28, 2017

Conducting Effective Witness Interviews
Jul. 6, 2017

Avoiding Waiver of the Attorney-Client Privilege
Jul. 7, 2017

Data Visualization for Attorneys
Jul. 11, 2017

Legal Issues of Running Social Media and Mobile Sweepstakes and Contests
Jul. 13, 2017

Damages in Intellectual Property Litigation
Jul. 18, 2017

Litigation Support for Paralegals
Jul. 19, 2017

Relocation Issues in Divorce Cases
Jul. 20, 2017

When and How to Use Indemnification Provisions
Jul. 25, 2017

The Basics of Summary Judgment for Paralegals: An Essential Guide to Obtaining or Defeating Summary Judgment
Jul. 27, 2017

Paralegal's Guide to Client Confidentiality Rules
Jul. 31, 2017

A Clean Slate - Expungement of Criminal Records
Jul. 31, 2017