ERISA Fiduciary Law - Second Edition

ERISA Fiduciary Law for Non-Lawyers: A Clear and Comprehensive Guide to Acting Responsibly, Second Edition, by Anthony A. Dreyspool, Esq.

About the Book
This newly updated and expanded 450 page paperback book is a vital educational tool for persons who are or may become fiduciaries under ERISA. Written by a recognized expert in the field, ERISA Fiduciary Law for Non-Lawyers, Second Edition provides critical guidance to ERISA plan fiduciaries on how they should carry out their duties. Readers will gain a working knowledge of the most significant issues facing an ERISA fiduciary and how to avoid liability to plan participants and beneficiaries.

The book covers important topics, such as:

  • The definition of a fiduciary, including a chapter on the US Department of Labor’s (DOL) 2016 investment advice regulation;
  • ERISA fiduciary standards of conduct;
  • ERISA violations and what exemptions are available to cure those violations; and
  • Plan governance methods which should be adopted by plan fiduciaries.

Included are illustrations, questions and answers, and important interpretations of ERISA rules issued by the DOL which provide a full explanation of many of the matters covered by the book.

ERISA Fiduciary Law for Non-Lawyers, Second Edition should be on the desk of every person who works for a plan sponsor, including Human Resources and corporate financial professionals. It is a must read for plan service providers, such as accountants and investment advisors. Lawyers who do not specialize in ERISA fiduciary law will also find this book to be a valuable resource. The author has taken highly technical information and has distilled it into easy to understand discussions of the requirements that ERISA imposes on plan fiduciaries. Click here to view the Table of Contents. 

Special Offer: CD and download recordings of Mr. Dreyspool's November 9, 2017 webinar "10 Basic Rules for an ERISA Fiduciary" are also available for purchase. The talk gives a thorough review of how ERISA and the DOL regulate plan fiduciary conduct. The webinar covers matters such as the allocation and delegation of fiduciary responsibility, the ERISA standard of conduct for fiduciaries, and "procedural prudence." The CD and download recording, which contain a discussion of new and proposed DOL regulations, may be purchased alone or as a package with the book.

About the Author
Anthony A. Dreyspool, Esq. focuses his practice on fiduciary responsibility under ERISA, particularly as it relates to the investment of ERISA plan assets. Mr. Dreyspool advises clients, including prominent investment managers and ERISA plan sponsors, on compliance with ERISA's rules regarding fiduciary duties and prohibited transactions. He also analyzes the investments of private investment funds with respect to ERISA's plan asset rules.

Mr. Dreyspool is a frequent speaker at ERISA webinars on issues relating to ERISA fiduciary matters. He is a Phi Beta Kappa graduate of the University of Pennsylvania and holds a JD degree from its law school.


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