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A Payroll Training Center Program

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Among all the internal responsibilities of U.S. businesses, perhaps none is subject to as many governmental regulations and requirements as payroll.

Payroll professionals must deal on a daily basis with wage and hour, garnishment, travel, expense, cafeteria plan, retirement plan, fringe benefit, PTO, and numerous other benefits and compliance issues.

Now you can get trained on these requirements, plus enhance your skills with our "Certified Payroll Administrator" designation.

Learning Objectives:

Our Certified Payroll Administrator training covers all aspects of payroll, including training on how to:

  • Properly "classify" workers
  • Apply the various exemptions
  • Calculate gross pay and properly make deductions
  • Properly identify, pay, and withhold taxes for employees
  • Administer deferred compensation, cafeteria plan, sick pay, and other compensation
  • Handle stock options, expense reimbursements, relocation, and other "expenses"
  • Follow the proper policies, procedures, and documentation requirements for garnishments and levies
  • Properly complete and file all required reporting requirements
  • Correctly complete year end requirements and establish the year-beginning requirements
  • Implement and maintain audit, disaster recovery, and record retention processes and procedures

Obtaining Certified Payroll Administator Status requires you to complete four subprograms:

1. Paycheck Fundamentals Training & Certification Program

  • Identify, pay, and withhold taxes for employees
  • Follow reporting and taxation requirements for tips
  • Calculate supplemental wages
  • Track deferred compensation, Cafeteria Plan, and other deductions
  • Handle stock options, expense reimbursements, relocation, and other 'expenses'
  • Calculate, deduct, and report Federal Income Tax withholding and FUTA taxes
  • Handle garnishments, back-pay, sick pay, bonuses, awards, and gifts
  • Understand 'Totalization Agreements'
  • Make federal tax deposits
  • Follow documentation and recordkeeping requirements

2. Payroll Operations Training & Certification Program

  • Maintain accurate payroll records, such as hours worked, pay, and tips and tax amounts
  • Track, pay, and report Social Security, Medicare, and Federal Unemployment Tax Act (FUTA) deductions
  • Track and process exemptions, fringe benefits, retirement plan deductions, garnishments, levies, and other deductions
  • Distribute payments through checks, paycards, and/or direct deposit
  • Retain records and forms, such as I-9s and eVerify
  • Comply with various wage and hour laws and IRS regulations
  • Establish and maintain self-service systems, direct deposits, and paycards
  • Select and implement a payroll system
  • Develop audit and disaster recovery plans
  • Comply with various state and federal record retention requirements

3. Payroll Reporting Training & Certification Program

  • The ins and outs of the 940, W2, and other reports
  • When - and how - to use the Multiple Worksite Report
  • When, where, and how to file (including electronically)
  • Report using alternative IRS forms
  • To properly complete and file all required reporting requirements
  • Correct errors - even on forms already subitted!
  • How to do 'Year End' and 'Year Beginning' work'll even receive 'W-2', 'Year-End', and 'Year-Beginning' checklists!

4. Payroll Wage & Hour Training & Certification Program

  • FLSA Notice Posting Requirementscertified payroll administrator
  • Properly "classify" workers (that is, differentiate between and 'Independent Contractor' and an 'employee', and 'Exempt' vs. 'Non-Exempt')
  • Identify 'Highly Compensated Workers', 'Outside Sales Employees', and other worker types
  • Know the rules for travel pay, waiting time, overtime, and 'rounding of hours'
  • Comply with new-hire and child labor laws
  • Apply the various deductions and exemptions
  • Calculate gross pay
  • Properly make deductions
  • Implement and follow the various payroll policies, procedures, and documentation requirements

Besides great training, you also receive:

  • One full year of access to content
  • FREE updates whenever the law changes
  • FREE testing to earn the "Certified Payroll Administrator" designation
  • FREE Management Interface for tracking employee progress, test scores, and any incorrectly answered test questions (when you order for three or more individuals)
  • 32 hours toward your PHR / SPHR re-certification requirements
  • Organizations with 100 or more employees requiring Payroll training can customize this course. Please call us at 201 871 0474 for additional information.

Course Benefits:

This certified payroll professional training course includes numerous examples, administrative tips, and interactive Q&A with answer rationales to help provide valuable insight into compliance requirements while testing your comprehension and application of the learned material! Being self-paced, the courses also allow you to earn at your own pace without time out of the office!

Used by almost every major company and TPA in the country, each of our programs includes numerous tips, examples, recommended procedures, realistic scenarios, and interactive quizzes - all designed to help ensure you are learning.

Our programs also allow you to earn a "Certified Administrator" designation.
Our programs also qualify for HRCI's PHR and SPHR re-certification credits, as well as SHRM's SHRM-CP and SHRM-SCP PDCs.