Thousands More Auto Workers Walk Off The Job Today As Union Strike Expands To 38 More Facilities

The United Auto Workers strike has expanded from three facilities to 41, as contract negotiations continue to slog on.

USDOL Changing Manner In Which Davis Bacon Act/Prevailing Wages Are Determined

The biggest change is the return to the (outdated) 30% rule. This now will set prevailing wages at wage rates paid to only a minority, 30% of workers.

DPS union signs new contract with University, sergeants form separate union

By joining the International Brotherhood of Police Officers, a national union with a state office in Rhode Island, sergeants also gain access to legal support and guidance from full-time union staff, said Brendan McGrath, president of IBPO Local 863.

Employers have 44 days to convince new hires to stay, study says

Almost half of new hires regret their decision within a week, the research indicates.

Actors' Equity Wants to Unionize Broadway Production Assistants

The PAs are seeking voluntary recognition from The Broadway League, but they are confident that if none is granted, they will overwhelmingly vote to unionize via NLRB election.

UAW Files NLRB Complaint Against GOP Presidential Hopeful Sen. Tim Scott

The autoworkers’ union argued Scott broke labor law by publicly saying striking employees should be fired.

HR pros say IBM fired them due to their age, planned to replace them with AI

The lawsuit represents the latest in a series of age discrimination claims against IBM stretching several years.

TikTok is getting caught up—again—in discrimination accusations.

Two Black TikTok employees alleged they were fired after raising concerns to human resources.

Memphis Italian restaurant sued over claims of homophobia

According to the EEOC, the restaurant’s managers allowed staff members to use homophobic slurs, insults, and “discriminatory attacks” against a gay employee. The EEOC says the employee complained about the way he was being treated but nothing was done and the harassment continued for months.