Joe Biden proves Democrats can deliver for labor

President Joe Biden made history on Tuesday, becoming the first president in at least a century to walk a picket line with striking labor workers.

Harvard, Securitas Retaliated Against Guard, Regional National Labor Relations Board Claims

Terzano was unfairly suspended and removed from his post on campus for protesting during Securitas’ 2022 union contract negotiations.

Athletes seek 'seat at table' in new college sports model

The walls are closing in on the current model of college sports.

Workers at Ontario, California Amazon facility to vote on joining Amazon Labor Union

Workers at Amazon’s ONT8 fulfillment center in Moreno Valley, California, will soon vote on whether to join the Amazon Labor Union (ALU).

General Motors and Ford Could Go Bankrupt If They Fulfil Striking Workers' Demands: Musk

The warning comes amid a United Auto Workers (UAW) strike. The union workers have been on strike in Michigan, Ohio, and Missouri, demanding better wages, increased pensions, and retiree health care.

How the Government Can Help Build Industrial Unions

The highlights of Biden’s first term have been historic public investments in infrastructure and an aggressively pro-labor NLRB that has begun the long task of bending labor law back in a helpful direction.

Machinists union is trying to organize workers inside the Rivian EV plant

As the United Auto Workers strike against the Big Three continues, another union is making a run at organizing inside Rivian’s electric-vehicle manufacturing plant in Normal.

SEIU-UHW swings at dialysis industry giants: 500+ workers strike 21 clinics over 2 days

Dozens of dialysis caregivers wrapped up a two-day strike Tuesday in Elk Grove and Folsom, condemning industry behemoths Fresenius Kidney Care and Satellite Healthcare for using intimidation tactics to scuttle labor contract negotiations.

The 'Don't Hire Women' Act

"These policies are motivated by good intentions," says Calder. "But that doesn't mean that the consequences of these policies will turn out well."

EEOC accuses Sheffield trucking company of violating employee’s religious rights

A federal agency on Tuesday sued a Sheffield trucking company over accusations that the company discriminated against an employee because of his religion.

Could the no Robot Bosses Act make hiring fairer?

“As robot bosses become more prevalent in the workplace, we have an obligation to protect working families from the dangers of employers misusing and abusing these novel technologies.”