Starbucks violated federal labor law by withholding pay hikes from unionized workers

Starbucks violated federal labor law when it increased wages and offered new perks and benefits only to non-union employees, a National Labor Relations Board judge found Thursday.

Union-Busting With a Smile: Is Trader Joe’s the Next Starbucks?

As organizing has spread, the company known for its friendly staff has been hostile to its workers’ efforts to demand a union, say activists.

Amazon Violated Worker Rights Settlement, NLRB Says Inc. was accused by U.S. officials of violating the terms of a labor board settlement, teeing up an expedited process for the government to consider claims that the company illegally tried to suppress union organizing.

Autoworkers strike expands again against GM and Ford

The United Auto Workers union announced an expansion of its strike against General Motors and Ford, saying sufficient progress has not been made in talks. The union is not ramping up its strike against Stellantis, which the union said has made "significant progress" in negotiations.

SpaceX settles with employee after illegally stifling their free speech

Elon Musk’s SpaceX agreed to settle a claim by the US labour board that the company illegally tried to stifle an employee’s speech with a warning not to discuss job conditions with co-workers.

Outfest Sees Layoffs & Exec Director Damien Navarro Taking Leave Of Absence Amid Staffers’ Unionization Effort

All of this comes amid a unionization effort and news that some staffers who have been pushing to unionize have been laid off.

Strikes in Detroit and Hollywood Are Just the Beginning

Picket lines across the U.S. swelled in recent weeks as thousands of members of the United Auto Workers walked off the job in a historic strike that simultaneously targeted the Big Three Detroit auto makers.

Penn RAs, GRAs overwhelmingly vote to unionize

Penn residential advisors and graduate residential advisors overwhelmingly voted to form a union after the votes were tallied Thursday night.

Glacier Northwest v. Teamsters and the Shifting Leverage of the Texas Labor Movement

The decision requires unions to take any precautions to minimize risk of harm to any employee property, with added measures for perishable goods.

Federal lawsuit: Oklahoma supervisor harassed employee with racial slurs

A Tulsa commercial printing company is facing a lawsuit from the  EEOC after one of its supervisors allegedly harassed an employee with racial and national origin slurs after she shared her DNA ancestry results.