Special Events 101

Tuesday, January 4, 2022 - 1:30 pm Central Time Zone

A Program

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Crafting Compelling Virtual/Hybrid Special Events

Especially coming out of the COVID pandemic, it is important to pivot and recalibrate how you are rolling out your special events in mid-2021 and beyond. Yet we are still in transition. Technology has afforded the opportunity to breathe new life into your galas and cocktail receptions while allowing for more creative hybrid events. As we emerge, it is time to integrate peer-to-peer fundraising initiatives to better engage millennial and other younger donors.

Highlights Include:

  • Embracing technology to create more dynamic events
  • Gala Planning 101 both hybrid and entirely virtual
  • The Do’s and Don’ts of Parlor Meetings/Cultivation Salons
  • Executing effective event follow up to boost your income
  • Virtual touchpoints through Zoom and Slack and beyond
  • Virtual Silent Auctions, Text-to-Pledge, and More Tools to Springboard Your Event Fundraising
  • Creative ways to migrate your existing events and raise even more income
  • Engaging a variety of different constituencies via virtual events (ie. donors, alumni, members) for greater outreach and improved fundraising.
  • How to create impactful and diversified peer-to-peer events to engage younger donors including marathons, concerts, and other interactive opportunities.

This 75 minute seminar includes a Q&A and discussion of strategic problem solving and Development How To’s.


Bill Edelstein holds Advanced Degrees in Education and Not-for-Profit Development. His professional work has focused on Global Health, Education and Human Rights not-for-profit donor relations and fundraising. He is an adjunct professor at John Jay College of Criminal Justice.