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Czech Sev.en GI agrees to buy AES's 51% stake in Vietnamese power plant
The purchase of 51% of the 1.2 gigawatt Mong Duong 2 will help AES's plan to divest its coal assets and mark Sev.en GI's first expansion into Asia, making it a major foreign investor in Vietnam.

In China's coal country, full steam ahead with new power plants despite climate pledges
China has decommissioned 70.45 gigawatts (GW) of coal-fired plants in the last decade, and is building far more renewable energy capacity than any other country. Analysts say coal use may peak as soon as this year.

Young Activists Who Won Montana Climate Case Want to Stop Power Plant on Yellowstone River
Young environmental activists who won a landmark climate change case are trying to persuade the Montana Supreme Court to stop a natural gas power plant being built on the banks of the Yellowstone River

Capital Power CEO sees no new Canadian gas-fired plants as regulations bite
Capital Power (OTCPK:CPXWF) said it does not expect to build new natural gas-fired power plants in Canada, as Prime Minister Trudeau's proposed clean electricity regulations to fight climate change make new investments unviable, CEO Avik Dey told Reuters Wednesday.

Trina Solar to offer modules and trackers for 90MW PV power plants in Brazil
Under the agreement Trina Solar will supply high-performance Vertex DEG21-660W modules and Vanguard 1P solar trackers.

Wyoming coal mine is shedding jobs ahead of the power plant's coal-to-gas conversion
A Wyoming coal mine that supplies fuel to a power plant that will be converted to burn gas plans to lay off 19 workers next month, the latest of thousands of jobs lost in the beleaguered U.S. coal industry in recent years.

America’s first ‘enhanced’ geothermal plant just got up and running
The startup uses horizontal drilling techniques and fiber-optic sensing tools gleaned from the oil and gas industry. Technicians create fractures in hard, impermeable rocks found far below the earth’s surface, then pump the fractures full of water and working fluids. The super-hot rocks heat those liquids, eventually producing steam that drives electric turbines. The idea is to create geothermal reservoirs in places where naturally occurring resources aren’t available.

New life for old coal: Minelands and power plants are hot renewable development spots
“AES Indiana will be the first utility out of coal in the state,” said Kelly Young, a spokeswoman for the company, which has more than half a million customers in the Indianapolis area. Power generation, however, will continue.

Smart microgrids can restore power more efficiently and reliably in an outage
Microgrids can take advantage of local renewable energy sources to restore power in outages

Virtual power plants poised for big, green growth
Virtual power plants are poised for big growth to address challenges posed by increased grid-connected renewable energy systems, and contribute to China's decarbonization goals, according to a recent report.


EIG Global Energy Partners Expects New LNG Acquisition Within Months
U.S. investment firm EIG Global Energy Partners is closing in on a deal for a liquefied natural gas asset worth several billion dollars, as it raises bets on demand for the fuel amid a reordering of energy supply chains triggered by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Europe Needs More LNG to Ease Tight Market, Uniper CEO Says
“Until significantly more LNG volumes come onto the market, there is going to be a tight situation,”

Commonwealth to Tap Onstream CO2 for CCS at LNG Facility
Under the agreement, OnStream CO2 will design, construct, own, and operate carbon dioxide capture equipment near the Commonwealth LNG site.

LNG tanker stranded for a week as concerns grow of environmental danger
A giant LNG tanker called the CESI Qingdao has been stranded for a week. The vessel is stuck at the Australian Pacific LNG Terminal in Gladstone.

Panama Canal restrictions delay bulk goods vessels more than container ships
Specifically, the dry bulk and liquid natural gas (LNG) segments have borne the brunt of restrictions on the number of ships steaming through the canal per day.

EU ports help sell on over 20% of LNG imports from Russia
‘Transshipment’ of liquefied natural gas, crucial for Moscow’s Arctic fleet, is banned by UK and Netherlands

There’s lots of gas in Cook Inlet — here’s why some companies aren’t drilling
BlueCrest says extracting the gas will require wells drilled vertically, from a new offshore platform it wants to build in the water.

More BC natural gas bound for Europe via Louisiana
ARC Resources Ltd. (TSX:ARX), a major natural gas producer in B.C., has inked a second agreement with Cheniere Energy (NYSE:LNG) in the U.S. to supply an additional 140,000 MMBtus per day of natural gas for Cheniere’s Sabine Pass LNG expansion.

Egypt plans to export 1B cubic feet of LNG daily in January
The sources added that Egypt’s consumption of natural gas has started to gradually decline aligned with lower temperature

100 complaints logged over flaring at Chevron Richmond refinery, air quality district investigating
Flaring at the Chevron Richmond refinery Monday is under investigation by the Bay Area Air Quality Management District after it received about 100 complaints over flames, smoke and odors .