Plant Controls and SCADA for Grid-Scale PV and PV Storage Hybrid Plants

Live Streaming Online September 14-15, 2022

A Program

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This course will highlight how Plant Controls and Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems provide the critical capability to control, monitor, and analyze the performance of solar and solar combined with storage plants. Throughout the day and a half program, attendees will learn everything from PV plant and storage basics, functional requirements of the plants, and how these requirements are implemented in plant controls and SCADA systems.

All attendees will leave the class having a holistic understanding of the plant controls and SCADA systems that pertain to solar plants and solar plus storage plants. It will benefit you whether you’re an operator or a professional who needs a detailed understanding of operation, reliability, and stability of a PV and storage plant, or a sales professional who needs a better understanding of the system to better serve customers. The goal by the end of the course is to have all attendees develop a working familiarity with the key concepts related to this topic.

Learning Outcomes  

  • Review the key components of PV plants and PV + Storage plants
  • Discuss the functions of PV plants, including energy harvest, regulations, grid disturbance, and frequency response
  • Study the architecture, functions, components, data, and instrumentation of Plant Controls and SCADA systems for PV plants
  • Examine the key functions of control system of a PV plant such as active power control, ramp rate controls, voltage and reactive power control, advanced capabilities, and more
  • Identify the impact of adding storage to PV plants
  • Evaluate the integration between control systems and SCADA including battery management systems, impact on the grid, and dispatch scheduling



9:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. Central Time

Introduction to PV & PV + Storage Hybrid Power Plants

  • PV Power Plant Basics
  • PV + Storage Hybrid Plant Basics
  • Motivation for PV + Storage (PVS) Plants
  • Key PV Plant and PVS Components
    • PV solar modules
    • DC system design
    • Inverters (central and string inverters)
    • Step-up transformer
    • Battery storage
    • Battery management system
    • Power electronics for storage
    • AC power control
  • Examples of PV and PVS Power Plants

Key PV Plant Functions

  • Maximizing Energy Harvest Through DC Voltage Control
  • Real & Reactive Power Generation
  • Voltage Regulation and/or Power Factor Control at POI
  • Active Power Control (Ramping, Curtailment)
  • Grid Disturbance Ride Through (Voltage and Frequency Excursions)
  • Primary Frequency Droop Response
  • Short Circuit Duty Control

PV Plant SCADA System

  • Plant SCADA Architecture
  • Key Functions of PV Plant SCADA System
    • Real-Time Monitoring of All Plant Data
    • Control of Certain Plant Components (e.g., Inverters)
    • Ability to Remotely Access the Plant SCADA System
  • Key Components of a Typical SCADA System
    • SCADA rack
    • Plant network
    • Security
    • Remote network architecture
    • SCADA HMI Screens
  • Typical PV Plant Data
    • Plant-level data
    • Inverter data
    • Instrumentation data
    • High frequency voltage and current measurements at POI
    • Other data
  • Plant Instrumentation

PV Plant Control System

  • Plant Controls Architecture
  • Real & Reactive Power Generation
  • Active Power Control (Ramping, Curtailment)
  • Voltage Regulation and/or Power Factor Control at POI
  • Grid Disturbance Ride Through (Voltage and Frequency Excursions)
  • Primary Frequency Droop Response
  • Short Circuit Duty Control
  • Advanced Capability Including Ancillary Services
    • AGC (Automated Generation Control)
    • ADS (Automated Dispatch System)
    • Flexible Operation Including Regulation Reserves


9:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. Central Time

Adding Storage (BESS) to PV Plant

  • Key Design Characteristics of Storage
  • AC-Coupled Solution
  • DC-Coupled Solution
  • Impact of Storage Sizing
  • Power Converters for Storage
  • Grid Value Created by Adding Storage
    • Energy shifting
    • Peak shaving
    • Capacity
    • Ancillary grid services

PVS Plant-level Controls and SCADA System

  • Power Plant Controls and Grid Integration Features
  • AVR Control
  • Battery Management System
  • PV & PVS Impact on Grid Services
  • Scheduling of Dispatch
  • Arbitrage Between PV Generation and BESS Generation
  • When to Charge? When to Discharge? How is the Priority Established?
  • How Does the Plant Control System Work with Multiple Services?