Distribution Reliability Fundamentals

September 13, 2023 Live Streaming Online

An EUCI Program

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The Distribution Reliability Fundamentals course will provide a comprehensive view of reliability on the distribution grid, highlighting everything from performance to national trends to the anatomy of an outage. The program will cover what causes outages, how power is restored, and the impact outages have on communities, both from residential customers to critical infrastructure.

Other topics of note include:

  • Methods and tools to calculate the value of improved performance
  • Reliability vs. resiliency
  • What a customer can do to help a utility improve performance
  • Questions customers can ask utilities
  • Traditional and new approaches to reduce the frequency and duration of outages

The program will close out with providing specific examples and proven performance improvements for every learning objective, helping attendees to obtain practical knowledge to take back to their organizations.

Learning Outcomes  

  • Review basic components of the distribution system and learn standard industry terms to define reliability (SAIFI, SAIDI, CAIDI, MAIFI)
  • Recognize why good reliability is important to a utility
  • Explore national trends in reliability performance
  • Identify common outage causes and the mitigations to reduce them
  • Discover what future changes in the industry mean for reliability
  • Discuss specific things to look for and questions to ask to improve performance


Wednesday, September 13, 2023

9:00 am – 4:30 pm Central Time

Utility & Distribution Grid Fundamentals

  • Set a baseline of the generation, transmission, and distribution systems
    • High level of generation reliability
    • High level of transmission reliability
  • Components of the distribution system
  • Where is the demarcation line between utility and customer responsibility?

Anatomy of An Outage

  • What causes an outage?
  • How does the utility respond?
  • How does the utility measure performance?
    • IEEE 1366 and 1782

Distribution Reliability vs. Resiliency

  • Formal definitions
  • How to measure resiliency

National Trends in Distribution Reliability

  • Negative trends across categories
  • National, regional, and state performance

Improving Performance

  • Addressing the cause of outages
  • Improving how a utility responds
  • New measures of performance
    • 2022 updates to IEEE 1366 and 1782

Impacts to Customers

  • Impacts to operations
  • Critical infrastructure
  • ICE Calculator

Questions to Ask If You’re the Customer

  • Your lights are out
    • Report outages with good information
  • You have persistent outages
  • Power quality
  • Locating a new facility for high reliability


Mike Herzog, Resilient Electric Analytics, LLC

Mike Herzog, PE has almost 20 years of experience in the electric utility industry working from the utility and consultant perspective. He received his bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from the University of Nebraska at Lincoln and MBA from Creighton University. He is professionally licensed. His experience has touched on many areas from system planning and design, operations support, and supporting customer experience.