Physical Security Fundamentals for Electric Utilities

Live Streaming Online June 16, 2022

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Physically protecting the nation’s electric grid and ensuring a reliable supply of energy are top priorities for the electric power industry. The shear vastness and in some cases the remoteness of the infrastructure requires that utilities prioritize facilities that, if damaged, would have the most severe impacts on reliability and the utilities’ ability to keep the lights on. 

This physical security fundamentals course is beneficial to anyone directly involved with security as well as those on the peripheral that need a better understanding of what is involved with protecting assets.  This course will review preparation, prevention, and resiliency plans, while examining the effectiveness of security measures. Potential impacts to operations and maintenance of infrastructure will be discussed through the developing and implementing of security programs with policies and procedures and the course will end with applicable case studies highlighting successes and what has been learned.  Attendees will leave this course with valuable and applicable information that they can apply to their everyday tasks.

Learning Outcomes

  • Review the history of electrical utility security incidents and current and emerging threats
  • Discuss what is needed to know about cybersecurity for physical security
  • Review special considerations for urban and rural substations
  • Expand on standards and guidelines, tiering standards in security, and policies and procedures
  • Review what to avoid in your security program including contractor selection and third-party providers
  • Engage in a discussion on product selection and security system monitoring and maintenance
  • Review of utility case studies



9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. Central Time

Security Overview

  • History of electrical utility security incidents
  • Current and emerging threats
  • Cybersecurity for physical security practitioners
  • Special considerations for urban and rural substations

Program Development

  • Using standards and guidelines
  • How and when to use tiering standards in security
  • How to develop policies and procedures

Program Operation

  • Pitfalls to avoid in your security program
  • Contractor selection and oversight
  • Supplementing in-house security personnel with third-party providers
  • Product selection
  • Security system monitoring and maintenance

Case Studies

  • Review of utility case studies