Electric Distribution Design Basics

Live Streaming Online December 13-14, 2022

An EUCI Program

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The EUCI Electric Distribution Design Basics course provides a fundamental understanding to safe and durable line construction requirements and techniques. The course begins with a review of basic electrical terminology and moves into an introduction of overhead line construction. All components are well defined. Special emphasis will be placed on single-phase line construction, single-phase service for residential and commercial utility customers. This course folds in applicable sections of the latest version National Electric Safety Code, effective February 2023.  

Learning Outcomes

  • Define basic electrical terms such as: Components of Ohm’s Law, the impedance triangle and power triangle
  • Review the basic concepts of overhead line design including: Conductor Spacing, Clearances, Structural Loading, Span Length, Line Tension and Guying
  • Review of line equipment necessary for line design: poles, pole peripheral equipment (cross arms, brackets, insulating equipment, conductor, transformers, and protective equipment)
  • Review thorough examination of Single-Phase Line Design as line extension of a three-phase trunk circuit.
  • Gain detailed instruction on the design of single-phase residential service including sizing of conductor and service transformer for multiple dwellings
  • Discuss an introduction to single-phase electric underground distribution including equipment such as cable, HV connecting components and service transformers



9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. : CENTRAL TIME

Introductions and Welcome

Power Electrical Concepts and Terminology

  • Voltage, Current, Resistance/Impedance
  • Impedance and Power Triangles

Introduction to National Electric Safety Code 2023

  • Overhead Line Requirements – Part 2
  • Underground Line Requirements – Part 3

Overhead Line Design Fundamentals

  • Line Clearance and Spacing
  • Phase to Phase
  • Phase to Ground
  • Energized Line to Obstructions
  • Span Lengths and Line Tensions

Single-Phase Overhead Line Design

  • Conductor ampacity and strength
  • Pole Material Options
  • Guying

System Protection

  • Overcurrent Protective Devices
  • Fuse Cutouts
  • Reclosers
  • Transient Overvoltage Protective Devices
  • Surge Arresters



9:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. : CENTRAL TIME

Overhead Single-Phase Service Design

  • Sizing Single-Phase Distribution Transformers
  • Selection of Overhead Service Conductor
  • Meter Base Installation and Grounding
  • Residential Service with EV Charging

Introduction to Underground Design

  • Radial vs. Loop Underground Lines
  • Underground Cable
  • Dead Front Connecting System


Gary Roberts is a Professional Engineer with over 40 years’ experience in the Electric Utility industry, 25 years plus with TXU, worked on international engagements and currently with DRG Technical Solutions.  Gary is a graduate of the University of Texas at Arlington with a BSEE and a graduate of Southern Methodist University with an MBA.

Jerry Josken holds a BS in Electrical Engineering Technology from the Milwaukee School of Engineering and an MBA from North Central College. During his 30+ year career with Eaton’s Cooper Power Systems, Jerry served in a variety of engineering capacities. Past leadership positions include Chair of IEEE Rural Electric Power Conference (2012) and GLEMS Distribution Equipment/Controls (2013-2014). More recently, Jerry develops and conducts professional development programs on various power delivery topics for EUCI.