T&D Asset Management Fundamentals

November 17 | Live Streaming Online

A Program

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The goal of this one-day training course is to provide a foundation level of understanding of basic asset management principles, concepts, and techniques. The course is based on the IAMF Award training, which is aimed at anyone requiring basic knowledge of asset management to support their organization’s activities, including individuals who are:

  • New to asset management roles or beginning an asset management career
  • In roles that support or interact with an organization’s asset management activities
  • Providing asset management services or supporting the delivery of these services

For organizations that are undertaking an asset management journey, it is critical for all stakeholders to have a shared understanding of the scope, goals, and work products associated with asset management.  Also, one of the requirements for ISO 55000 certification is for all stakeholders across all levels of the organization to have a common understanding of asset management. This course will enable this understanding and provide evidence needed for a certification audit.

Learning Outcomes

  • Identify basic asset management concepts, principles, and terminology
  • Assess the breadth of asset management activities
  • Define some common characteristics of good asset management
  • Evaluate the various commonly used techniques for asset management
  • Judge the types of benefits organizations can realize from asset management programs
  • Analyze the potential next steps for organizations who wish to engage in an asset management program



9:15 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. Central Time

Basic Asset Management Concepts, Principles and Terminology

  • Origins and History of Asset Management (PAS 55, ISO 55000)
  • Drivers and Components of Asset Management
  • Fundamental Concepts: Value, Alignment, Leadership, Assurance

The Breadth of Asset Management Activities

  • Asset Management vs. Asset Management System
  • The IAM “Six Box” Model
  • Organizational Objectives and Context
  • Asset Management Policy and Strategy
  • Asset Management Plans

Common Characteristics of Good Asset Management

  • Dimensions: Holistic, Systematic, Systemic, Risk-based, Optimal, Sustainable, Integrated
  • Business Value Orientation
  • Line-of-Sight Alignment
  • Life Cycle Value Realization
  • Risk-Based Orientation

Some Commonly Used Asset Management Techniques

  • Stakeholder Analysis
  • Technical vs. Economic Asset Life
  • Whole Life Cost Analysis
  • Life Cycle Decision-Making
  • End-Of-Life Decision-Making – Expected Useful Life Analysis
  • Condition Assessment – Asset Health Indices
  • Risk Analysis
  • Investment Optimization
  • Asset Performance Management

The Types of Benefits Organizations Can Realize

  • Finding the Right Balance Between Cost, Risk and Performance
  • Improved Capital Efficiency
  • Optimized Maintenance Spending
  • Better Collaboration Between Key Roles Across Asset Life Cycles

Potential Next Steps for Organizations Who Wish to Continue With Their Asset Management Journey

  • Organizational Models
  • Change Management
  • Enabling Technology and Data
  • Maturity Level Assessments
  • Competency Development
  • Transformation Roadmaps


Tom Myers, Asset Management Consultant

Tom Myers is a Fellow of the Institute of Asset Management (IAM) and a member of the IAM USA Executive Board.  He is an IAM Endorsed Trainer and Endorsed Assessor with over 20 years of asset management consulting experience.  Tom has over 35 years of experience as a management consultant with top-tier firms in the industry and has worked on more than 80 projects at over 50 companies in 10 countries.  His educational background and extensive worldwide experience have provided him with a unique understanding of the technical, operational, and financial challenges related to asset management.  Tom is a frequent speaker on asset management issues and recognized thought leader in the industry.