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Transmission Structure Design

November 1-2, 2022 | Online

Sponsored by EUCI

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If you are unable to attend at the scheduled date and time, we make recordings available to all registrants for three business days after the event

The increase in reliability and efficiency of electric power has prompted the upgrading and building of new electrical transmission lines across North America. Combined with the retiring of experienced transmission structural engineers, it is vital for incoming structural engineers and project managers to become more familiar with the fundamental aspects of design, manufacturing, innovation and testing of different types of installations. The EUCI Transmission Structure Design course is intended to provide a deep dive into natural wood poles, steel poles and lattice towers.  Concrete and laminate wood poles will be discussed as a cursory review (many concepts from the other structure types can be carried over). 

This course will provide a practical overview of transmission structure design, including structure loading, industry standards, electrical clearances effect on structure geometry, and detailed design. The instructor will examine design considerations, with discussions of direct embedded pole analysis, phase considerations and use the of manuals and tools like PLS-TOWER and PLS-POLE. 

Learning Outcomes  

  • Define and describe the different types of transmission structures and when to use them
  • Identify the necessary loading criteria for which to design
  • Examine the applicable design standards and manuals 
  • Apply structural design fundamentals for latticed self-supporting towers, tubular steel structures, guyed structures, and more  
  • Develop an understanding of basic electrical clearances and how they shape structure geometry and design       
  • Examine the appropriate design software applications  
  • Analyze the different methods of testing and when to apply them 
  • Identify the manufacturing and finishing process for towers, poles and other structures 



1:00 – 4:00 p.m. Central Time

Short breaks will be taken throughout each session

Transmission Structure: Types and Materials

  • Wood H-Frames
  • Guyed Wood Structures
  • Light Duty Tubular Steel Structures
  • Self-Supporting Tubular Steel Poles & Frames
  • Laminate Wood Structures
  • Concrete and Spun Concrete Poles
  • Lattice Towers

Phase Configurations

  • Horizontal
  • Delta
  • Vertical
  • Double Circuit

Tangent Frame Analysis

  • Axis of Contraflexure
  • Wind Loading on Poles
  • Pole Strength
    • Effect of Bolt Hole Direction
  • X-Brace Analysis
    • X-Brace Forces
    • X-Brace Capacity
  • Frame Top Analysis
  • Insulator Swing Analysis
  • PLS-Pole Example

Guyed Wood Pole Structures

  • Pole Down Forces from Guy Anchors
  • Buckling Modes
  • Guy Tensions
  • Guy Anchor Strength
  • Insulator Swing Calculations
    • Pole Clearances
    • Guy Clearances
  • PLS-Pole Example


9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. Central Time

Short breaks will be taken throughout each session

Steel Pole Structure Analysis

  • Steel Pole Sections
    • Area
    • Section Modulus
    • Shear Stress
  • Pole Section Stresses
  • Local Buckling
  • Anchor Bolt Reactions
  • Base Plate Stresses
  • Davit Arm Loads and Stresses
    • Arm Section Properties
    • Davit Arm Bolted Connection Analysis
  • Insulator Swing Calculations
  • PLS-Pole Example
    • Base Plate Analysis Mode
    • Insulator Suspension Plate Drop

Lattice Tower Structural Analysis

  • Base Reactions
  • Arm Design
    • Hanger Straps
    • Arm Member Compression
  • Member Strengths
    • Buckling
      • Strength in 3 Directions
      • Unbraced Length
    • Squash Strength
    • Block Shear Tearout
    • Net Section Tension Limit
    • Bolt Strength Limitation
  • PLS-TOWER Example
    • Member Capacities and Overrides

Laminate Wood Structures

  • Pole Sections
  • Arm Analysis

Concrete Poles

  • Reinforced Concrete Poles
  • Spun Concrete Poles