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Electric Distribution Protection Basics and
Advanced Overcurrent Protection

January 19-21, 2022 | Online

Sponsored by EUCI

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Two courses: Electric Distribution Protection Basics January 19-20 and Advanced Overcurrent Protection January 20-21

Electric Distribution Protection Basics

The Electric Distribution Protection Basics course begins with protection philosophies and methods. Attendees are introduced to single phase sectionalizing equipment including fuse cutouts, single phase recloser and single phase sectionalizers. Associated topics, including minimum pickup, reach and maximum available fault current, will provide a basis of understanding regarding line sectionalizing. The course also covers a full range of device-to-device coordination scenarios.

Learning Outcomes

  • Review of line impedances and their effect on available fault current
  • Identify the types of distribution faults
  • Discuss the operation of various types of overcurrent protective equipment
  • Review overhead vs. underground protection philosophy
  • Review Reliability Indices used to measure outage frequency and duration



8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. Central Time

Protection Basics Overview

  • Line Impedance vs. Fault Current
  • Temporary vs. Permanent Faults
  • Time Current Curves

Protective Equipment

  • Device Ratings, Standards and Application Factors
    • Fuses
    • Expulsion
    • Current Limiting
  • Reclosers
    • Dual timing characteristics
    • Design Options
    • Controls and Setting
  • Trip Saver
  • Sectionalizers
    • Design Options
    • Applications

Device to Device Coordination

  • Fuse/Fuse
  • Fuse/Recloser
  • Recloser/Recloser
  • Sectionalizer/Recloser


9:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. Central Time

Overvoltage Protection

  • Surge Arrester operation
  • Arrester installation.

Underground Protection

  • OH vs. UG protection philosophy
  • Riser Pole Fusing

System Reliability

  • Reliability Indices: SAIFI, SAIDI, etc.


Advanced Overcurrent Protection

January 20-21, 2022 | Online

The Advanced Overcurrent Protection course provides attendees with a review of Symmetrical Components and moves to Fault Current Calculations using the Per Unit Method. The course covers design options of Three Phase Reclosers and Circuit Breakers. Attendees will gain an understanding of ground fault protection and other protection schemes. We recommend attendees bring an engineering calculator to class. The training will utilize practical examples to enforce the classroom concepts. The training is focused on the technical engineering protection issues, not any specific manufacturer’s equipment or device.

Learning Outcomes

  • Discuss calculation of fault currents using the Per Unit method
  • Review circuit breakers, three phase reclosers, IntelliRupter
  • Discuss protective relays
  • Discuss the coordination of overcurrent protective devices
  • Review self-healing systems
  • Assess padmount switchgear design options



1:00 – 4:30 p.m. Central Time

Symmetrical Component Review

Fault Current Calculations

  • Per Unit Method

Three Phase Recloser and Circuit Breakers

  • Design Options
  • Ground Fault Sensing
  • Independent Pole Reclosers
  • IntelliRupter 
  • Sectionalizer Schemes

Circuit Breakers and Relay

  • Current Transformers
  • Electro mechanical relay
  • Microprocessor relays/controls
    • Modifying TCCs
    • Event Recording
    • Data Logging


9:00 a.m. – 4:45 p.m. Central Time

Device to Device Coordination

  • Recloser/Breaker to Fuse
    • Load Side Fuse
      • Fuse saving vs. fuse blowing
      • Express feeder protection
    • Source Side Fuse
      • Recloser/Breaker to line recloser
        • Overhead
        • Underground

Self – Healing Systems

  • Device to Device Coordination

Padmount Switchgear

  • Design Options
  • Automatic Throw Over Gear