Anatomy of a Cyber Attack: Business Email Compromise

Tuesday, September 13th, 2022 10:00 am - 12:00 pm

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According to recent studies, the average user has approximately 100 passwords to remember. As if this isn’t challenging enough, password requirements differ among the myriad of applications we use. With so many passwords to remember, coupled with the never-ending list of password requirements, users are partaking in a risky solution – reusing passwords.

Unfortunately, we've seen many organizations have their business email accounts compromised through credential reuse. Business Email Compromise (BEC) can lead to not only propagating further BEC attacks, but also a full-blown data breach and network compromise.

What You'll Learn

  • The Scenario - What Happened?
  • Typical BEC Attack Scenario Walk-Through
  • How BEC Can Turn Into Full Network Compromise
  • What's in Your Email?
  • Top Controls to Mitigate BEC Risk


Buzz Hillestad

Buzz Hillestad is a VP Information Security Consultant and heads the Incident Response team at SBS CyberSecurity in Madison, South Dakota. SBS is a premier cybersecurity consulting and audit firm dedicated to making a positive impact on the banking and financial services industry. Hillestad has a bachelor?s degree in Computer Information Systems for Business and has performed masters work in Information Security at the SANS Institute ? an internationally recognized best source for cybersecurity education. Hillestad has been involved with Information Security practice in Healthcare, Banking, Government, and many other industry verticals since 2004 and has helped over 200 organizations improve their information security processes and programs. Hillestad additionally has numerous security publications in magazines such as 45 Magazine and MED Midwest Medical, and speaks nationally on various cybersecurity topics.