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Shipping Contract Negotiations

Date: Friday, September 28, 2018
Time: 1:00 - 2:30 pm EST

Sponsored by Lorman Education Services

Registration - Live Webinar Only: $199.00

Registration - Live Webinar Plus CD Recording: $268.00


Learn to negotiate key terms in shipper, carrier and broker agreements to help your company's bottom line.

Many companies are stuck in underperforming parcel agreements that do nothing to help reduce shipping costs. In far too many cases price per package as well as overall spend continue to grow.

With the complexity of parcel agreements today, this content will help companies understand how to look at their data, determine exactly where their shipping dollars are being spent and help reduce those shipping costs.

 This topic will also help you understand how to formulate a request for pricing as well as monitor the performance of the agreement once implemented.

Learning Objectives:

  • You will be able to discuss your parcel agreement and the objectives you are trying to obtain with a negotiation.
  • You will be able to recognize areas of opportunity in your current agreement.
  • You will be able to discuss your current agreement, its shortcomings and areas you would like to improve.
  • You will be able to review your current data to determine which areas can help your company lower its shipping costs.

This Live Webinar Covers These Hot Issues:

Understanding Your Parcel Agreement

  • Data- How to Find and Use the Proper Data to Prepare for a Renegotiation
  • Benchmarking- the Importance of Determining What Type of Discounts and Reductions to Expect
  • Preparing a Formal Request for Pricing (RFP) - This Will Help You Formulate an RFP That Is Easy for the Carrier to Understand and Help You Define Exactly What Is Best for Your Company
Negotiating Your Parcel Agreement
  • Approaching the Carrier- Timing and Best Ways to Approach Your Carriers Regarding a Contract Negotiation
  • Analyzing the Proposals- Determining What the True Savings Are, Not What the Carrier Promises Your Company Will Save, but What You Will Truly Save Based on Your Historical Data
  • Determining Which Proposal Is Right for You- Each Carrier, Service and Proposal Offers Unique Benefits. Tailoring a Parcel Agreement Which Best Suites Your Company Can Lower Costs Significantly
Monitoring Your Agreement
  • Ensuring That Your Agreement Performs as Expected- Knowing What to Look for to Ensure the Agreement Is Performing as Promised
  • Watching for Red Flag Areas in Your Shipping Costs- Areas of Concern to Look for
  • Knowing When It's Time to Renegotiate- Knowing When to Renegotiate Your Agreement Using a Variety of Factors

Credit Information (Sponsored by Lorman Education Services):

  • CLE
  • CPE
  • ISM

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Only registered attendee will receive continuing education credit.


Johnny K. Telos, Transportation Audit and Recovery Services

  • President/CEO of Transportation Audit and Recovery Services- TARS
  • Transportation consulting company specializing in Parcel Audit and Contract Negotiations
  • Conducts regular talks on the subject of Contract Negotiations around the country, including ASD tradeshow in Las Vegas and Ecom Chicago
  • Winner of numerous sales awards at FedEx over 15 years, including Account Executive of the Year. Johnny has grown his company TARS to over 50 million in just under 4 years
  • Subject matter expert when it comes to negotiating parcel agreements with savings of his current clients averaging more than 20%
  • Can be contacted at or 1-855-459-TARS (8277)

(Not available outside the US)