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Compliance Challenges in Healthcare with Legalized Marijuana

Wednesday, 20 September 2017  10:00 AM PDT, 01:00 PM EDT

Training Duration = 60 Min                    Sponsored by Online Compliance Panel

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This presentation is designed to provide an overview of the common challenges healthcare compliance officers must face in a world of legalized marijuana. More specifically, this presentation will begin with a brief summary of the regulatory history of marijuana in the United States and a survey of the states that have currently legalized marijuana for recreational purposes.

The remainder of the presentation will focus on common compliance challenges such as Americans with Disabilities protection claims, lawful off-duty conduct statutes, determining when to drug test, and patient & visitor possession issues.

Learning Objectives:

  • Overview of the marijuana regulatory scheme in states that have currently legalized for recreational purposes
  • HR and Compliance Challenges: Operating a drug-free workplace in light of legalized marijuana
  • Navigating through questions related to disability discrimination
  • Navigating through questions related to lawful off-duty conduct
  • Navigating through questions related to conducting investigations of allegations of marijuana use
  • Practical strategies for addressing these compliance challenges and lessons learned from the field

Why Should You Attend:

Beginning in 2012 with Colorado and Washington State, an increasing number of states have legalized marijuana for recreational purposes. This trend has created new challenges for healthcare compliance officers working for employers operating a drug-free work environment. This webinar will address these new challenges and offer insights and strategies for overcoming them.


  • Overview of regulating marijuana in the united states
  • Controlled Substances Act and marijuana
  • Americans with Disabilities and marijuana
  • Lawful Off-Duty Conduct statutes and marijuana
  • Drug Free Workplace Act of 1988
  • Employee drug testing
  • Patient and visitor possession issues
  • Questions and answers


Jay Anstine is the President of Bluebird Healthlaw Partners, LLC. As a healthcare lawyer specializing in regulatory compliance, Mr. Anstine consults to physicians, senior management and boards of directors on compliance programs and regulatory issues impacting operations.

Mr. Anstine's professional background includes working on the provider and the payer side of the market, for large for-profit and non-profit health systems and small physician-owned entities. In tackling the countless regulatory and operational issues for these diverse organization types, he has developed a deep understanding of the business of healthcare and the regulations that govern the industry.

Mr. Anstine obtained his law degree from the University of South Dakota where he focused exclusively on healthcare law. He currently serves on the Board of Directors for ClinicNET, a non-profit organization in Colorado that serves the medically underserved. He is also a member of the Health Care Compliance Association, serving on the planning committee for the Mountain Regional Conference.