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Effective Exit Interviews

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

1:00 - 2:30 pm EST

Length: 1 hour 30 minutes                     Sponsored by Lorman Education Services

Registration - Live Webinar Only: $209.00

Registration - Live Webinar Plus CD Recording: $278.00


Find out how to perform an effective exit interview that gives you the information your company needs.

There is a wealth of information to be gained from an effective exit interview. If done properly you can learn what you need to change, improve or keep the same. Since turnover is so expensive, opportunities to learn how to keep the most valuable employees in the future is vital to the ongoing success of the company.

 Unfortunately, all too often only lip service is given to this potentially valuable source of learning what went wrong. We have created a culture of fear of being honest. Almost everyone offers platitudes and half-truths when asked for sensitive information. Think for a minute about trying to get accurate reference material from former employers. So afraid of lawsuits they are trained to provide only the most basic information, so too with exit interviews.

For the average person being interviewed it feels like walking through a mine-field. The risk of loss of reputation stifles most people from being absolutely honest about why they are leaving the job. So, they make up a story such as ‘It's time for me to pursue other areas of professional interest' or ‘I am planning to spend more quality time with my family.'

How do you get them to feel safe enough to offer some valuable truths? We will offer strategies for creating trust and rapport, as well as offering information to make your exit interview more powerful. Finally, we will make suggestions as to how you can analyze the data and make recommendations for change within your organization.

This topic is valuable for managers at all levels in the organization as well as human resource professionals. Not only will you learn how to conduct effective exit interviews, but you will learn how to use the information gained to improve upon the processes and management style within your organization.

Learning Objectives

  • You will be able to describe the importance of creating effective exit interviews.
  • You will be able to identify who in or outside of your organization should conduct the interviews.
  • You will be able to explain why it is necessary to build and keep trust and rapport.
  • You will be able to define steps for improvement to increase employee retention and satisfaction.

This live webinar covers these hot issues


  • Why Conduct Exit Interviews?
  • Potential Value to Be Gained

Who Should Be Conducting the Exit Interview and Why?

  • Internal Interviewers
  • External Personal Interviews
  • Online Surveys

Acquiring Additional Skills

  • Interviewing Skills
  • Interviewing Biases
  • The Art and Science of Interviewing

Building Trust and Rapport

  • Promises That Must Be Made and Kept
  • Creating and Maintaining a Reputation for Confidentiality

The Interview Itself

  • Potential Format of the Exit Interview
  • Sample Questions to Be Asked

Using the Data Collected

  • Compiling the Information
  • Offering Feedback to Management
  • Creating New Processes and Training Programs

Credit Information (Sponsored by Lorman Education Services)

  • SHRM
  • HR Certification Institute

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Only registered attendee will receive continuing education credit.


ArLyne Diamond, Ph.D., Diamond Associates

  • Founder and president of her consulting company, Diamond Associates which was established in 1981
  • Has been consulting to organizations about people and their processes for well over thirty years. Clients range from small business and professional practice owners to large publicly held companies and government agencies
  • In addition to consulting she taught a range of graduate courses in both psychology and in an MBA program
  • During her career as a psychologist the courses she taught included conducting interviews and evaluations
  • Was a well-respected forensic psychologist offering recommendations to the courts of Santa Clara County and elsewhere based on her evaluations
  • Also supervised both pre-and post-doctoral candidates working towards their required supervision hours; her focus was on helping them learn to properly diagnose (interview, evaluate) and then treat
  • Since 1990 she has focused exclusively on helping people and companies grow successfully. Thus her focus is on business and management
  • Spent almost five years teaching in an MBA program where she taught many courses including the capstone Human Resources course; some of the other courses were "Career Decisions", "Leadership & Organizational Behavior", "Employment Law (Compliance issues)", "The Legal, Political and Ethical Dimensions of Business", "Quality and Performance Excellence", "International Business", "Change Management", "Negotiation Skills", and the MBA Business Planning capstone
  • A prolific writer having published well over two hundred articles in various publications and is completing her fifth book, which will be released before the end of the summer
  • Noted for helping her clients get the best out of themselves and others, she has been described as someone who is warm, trustworthy, intelligent and able to cleave to the essence of a problem
  • Has well established interview and evaluation skills
  • Can be contacted at 408-554-0110, or