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Do's and Don'ts During FDA Inspections

Tuesday, 12 September 2017  10:00 AM PDT, 01:00 PM EDT

Training Duration = 60 Min                    Sponsored by Online Compliance Panel

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Many regulated companies preparing for FDA inspections are not prepared and the outcome can be negative as we see all the time with enforcement actions. This session provides the fundamentals and the ground rules on how to prepare for and survive an FDA inspection.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the FDA inspection process and approach
  • What to do before, during and after the Inspection?
  • Responding correctly to the Investigator's questions
  • Tips for handling a FDA inspection the right way
  • Why the exit interview and close-out is an important part of handling an inspection
  • FDA policies regarding pre-announced inspections
  • Develop procedures for managing Inspections
  • Establish an inspection management team
  • Consider Inspection logistics in advance
  • Conduct the exit interview and close-out meeting with FDA very carefully
  • Possible Inspection outcomes

Why Should You Attend:

Does the FDA call in advance or just show up at my door? Where do I let the inspector go? Do I give them a tour? What should I let them see? Who should I let them talk to? Are they ever going to leave?

The FDA inspection is the most nerve-wracking event in the life of a regulatory professional - you're in charge of compliance, usually in the background, and NOW you're in the spotlight, and if your performance isn't good, it's not the show that may close, it's YOUR COMPANY! However, adequate planning, training, composure, and understanding should result in many encore presentations!

This session will discuss how to prepare for the inspection, what to do during the inspection and the close-out interview, and how to respond to the inspection. Also contained in this session will be the limits of FDA's scope during an inspection, including what documents you are not required to show them, and the permissibility of photographs and affidavits.


  • How to prepare for an FDA inspection
  • Development and contents of an SOP for FDA inspection
  • Personnel training before inspection
  • How to behave during an inspection
  • What to show FDA during an inspection
  • Proper Post-inspection Follow-up
  • Limitations of scope of inspection
  • Response to investigation findings
  • FDA guidance documents used by their inspectors


Jeff Kasoff, RAC, CMQ/OE, LBB, is the Principal at Lean to Quality, LLC. He has more than 30 years in Quality and Regulatory management. Over that time, Jeff has implemented and overseen quality system operations and assured compliance, at all sizes of company, from startup to more than $100 million in revenue.

This multi-faceted experience makes Jeff uniquely qualified to address compliance issues across the entire range of company sizes. Jeff has also been primary liaison with FDA inspectors and notified body auditors, giving him first-hand experience with the most common issues surfaced by regulatory agencies. Jeff has the following certifications: Manager of Quality and Organizational Excellence certification from ASQ, Regulatory Affairs Certification from RAPS, and Lean Black Belt from IIE.