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Being Strategic with Base Compensation for Non-Executive Positions

Tuesday, August 7th, 2018

10:00 am - 12:00 pm CT

Length: 2 hours                    Sponsored by Bank Webinars

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What questions should your Bank ask about compensation below the CEO and top executives? This session will address pay equity regulations, setting job grades, performance evaluation best practices, and determining base salary and appropriate raises for employees.

As part of this session we will provide information on conducting market research using industry surveys, using market research to establish and set salary grades, and linking salary increases to positioning in a salary grade and performance.

We will also briefly discuss such items as FLSA job classifications (exempt vs. non-exempt) and effectively writing job descriptions. Our focus in this session is helping HR professionals sort through some of the compensation related challenges they may encounter outside of the executive level.

Topics Will Include:

  • Salary administration and salary grade best practices
  • How to use market research and banking industry surveys to benchmark positions within your financial institution
  • Performance evaluation sample forms and best practices
  • Summary of FLSA classification requirements
  • Sample job description format

Who Should Attend?

HR Staff is the primary intended audience for this webinar. CEO's and CFO's would also benefit from this information.


Mr. Michael Blanchard is the CEO of Blanchard Consulting Group. He has extensive experience in the human resources field and has conducted or supported over 500 compensation planning, market research, and organizational development projects over the past twenty-four years, with almost 20 years specific to the banking industry.

Mike has presented to various national and state banking associations including the American Bankers Association, the Bank Director Annual Compensation Conference, and the Western Independent Bankers association on a variety of compensation and board governance topics. With a master’s degree in advanced industrial and organizational psychology, Mr. Blanchard’s experience includes advising clients on assessing total compensation, incentive planning, and performance appraisals.