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AML - New Techniques for Laundering Money

Friday, 10 August 2018   11:30 AM PDT, 02:30 PM EDT

Training Duration = 90 min                  Sponsored by Online Compliance Panel

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This training program will look at the new frontiers for moving money that is nearly untraceable. The objective of the course is to sensitize the participant to see what might not make sense and thus know when to make deeper forays into activities they have spotted.

Learning Objectives:

  • A clearer idea of the need to move money
  • The political and economic climates that lend themselves to movement of capital
  • There is nothing wrong with cash and there is nothing right about wires
  • How to look behind the client customer and see their lives
  • Bribing a politician - it so easy and you might not see it
  • Using agriculture to launder funds
  • Using the art market to launder funds
  • Using the fund industry to launder funds
  • The beauty of intangibles
  • Understand the concept of dominion of assets as opposed to title
  • The coming peril for the shadow bankers
  • How to get this right and how to get this wrong

Why Should You Attend:

In any cat and mouse game, as the mice gets wise to how the cat hunts, the mice find other methods to find food and live their lives. This is true for money laundering. As the regulatory and professional communities become more attenuated to how illicit money moves, the mice change their methods and tactics. The methods and tactics shared in this program are from real-life experiences, after tracing and documenting their evolving methods.

This webinar will discuss and reveal some of the new techniques for laundering money. The chicanery and ability of money launderers has gone far beyond smurfing small deposits into account and now encompass agriculture, art, intangibles and the hedge fund industry.


Mr. Burke Files is a widely recognized expert in the area of financial investigations and due diligence. He has authored numerous articles as well as books on the subject. He has been presenting and sharing his knowledge and has done so with delegates in over 30 countries.

As a financial industry insider, Mr. Files is keenly aware of the type and accuracy of the information required to make informed and timely decisions. Mr. Files has managed due diligence and financial investigations ranging in size from ten of thousands of dollars to over $20 billion. Mr. Files is an international expert on due diligence and is regularly sought out for the most difficult projects and cases. Mr. Files is at the forefront of both understanding and utilizing the new currency of due diligence.

Financial Examinations & Evaluations, Inc., founded by Mr. Files in 1991 has grown to be one of the most respected independent financial investigation firms. Mr. Files and his firm conduct investigations in the United States, Eastern Europe, Central and South America and China.

Before founding FE&E, Inc. Mr. Files was a partner in a regional consulting firm specializing in business, financial and securities consulting. He also served as the Director of Corporate Finance for an investment banking company. Additionally, Mr. Files was a commodities specialist for Oppenheimer/Rouse.

Mr. Files has written extensively and been quoted in many publications. Many times he is the quoted source for articles regarding financial investigation and due diligence. Among the publications in which he has been quoted are: Chief Executive Officer, Wall Street Journal, The Guardian, European Business, The Independent, and CBS news, The Financial Times, New York Post, Wall Street Journal and more.