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Now You're the Supervisor

Tuesday, March 27th, 2018

1:30 pm - 3:30 pm CT

Length: 2 hours                    Sponsored by Bank Webinars

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This is the description from our webinar that was presented in March 2016. Please check back for a modified description. Topics may be updated, but registration is now open.

For new and veteran supervisors alike, get key components for supervisory success.

Supervisors must master the art of juggling - staff, schedules, meetings, compliance concerns, goals, deadlines, training, backing-up the employee who didn’t come in...The list goes on and on. Discover how to keep all the balls in the air without breaking a sweat.

If you need others to take direction from you to succeed, you'll find this program of tremendous value. Learn techniques and strategies to handle your responsibilities successfully while increasing your job satisfaction.

It's a positive real-world approach for ramping up your leadership skills and addressing critical supervisory issues needed to becoming an extraordinary supervisor.

Topics Will Include:

  • Acknowledge Your New Role - Embrace the challenge of moving from team member to supervisor. Learn the value of boundaries. Doing so will help you balance your need for approval with the larger need for meeting team and company goals.
  • Plan and Prioritize - Realize that your primary job is to make sure everything that needs to get done gets done. Planning and prioritizing departmental tasks, and assigning the right tasks to the right people, is key to everyone’s success.
  • Be Accessible - Take time to walk around your department to see and hear what's going on. It’s a great way to find and take advantage of "coachable moments." Establish routine coaching appointments with your staff to create consistent, timely accessibility.
  • Encourage Teamwork - Foster input from team members and demonstrate how the success of one benefits the entire team and positively impacts the entire organization.
  • Communicate Upward and Downward - Let your team in on the reasons behind decisions, then listen and share their input and concerns. This will ensure a happier, more productive workplace for all.
  • Delegate - Delegating not only helps you manage your workload, it also helps team members develop important skills and become more self-supervising. Provide encouragement and follow-up so team members know they have the support and resources they need.
  • Discipline Effectively - Set clear expectations. When it comes to performance concerns, be specific with team members. Let them see how their actions impact the team and the organization.

Who Should Attend?

Trainers, supervisors, assistant supervisors, or anyone with supervising responsibilities.


Honey Shelton and Karen Wiehoff

Honey Shelton brings the best of both worlds to her speaking and training engagements. She has 30 plus years of experience as a training and quality improvement consultant for banks and banking associations across the country. Her substantial banking background includes spending three years as Executive Vice President/Chief Retail Banking Officer with a $1 billion south Texas bank.

Nationally recognized as an outstanding speaker, over a half million bankers have participated in programs Honey has presented. Her depth of knowledge, enthusiasm, and compelling personality have left a lasting mark on InterAction Training, the firm she founded in 1983.

As a graduate of the School of Bank Marketing from the University of Colorado, she realizes the value of quality education. Honey invests time as a faculty member for banking schools around the country. She is a repeat presenter for most of the state banking associations and has accumulated an impressive client list that includes over 600 banks, credit unions, and other organizations. Globally, she presented a program in the south of France for an international, energy-related firm.

Honey has a coaching practice specializing in helping others pursue professional excellence and is the author of numerous published articles and training manuals. Her first book, Coaching Yourself & Others will be released soon.

Honey continues her personal pursuit of excellence and has obtained certification in Reality Therapy from the William Glasser Institute as well as certification from the Training and Development Program at Texas A&M. She is an EverythingDiSC Certified Distributor and Trainer.

Karen Wiehoff has over 30 years of executive management experience. Her career has afforded her in-depth expertise in such areas as leadership, consulting, relationship management, human resources, marketing, and regulatory and compliance initiatives. Before she joined InterAction Training, Karen was the Senior Engagement Manager for a national consulting firm where she partnered and consulted with organizations through strategic planning, change management, and process improvement initiatives.

Karen’s background includes working with diverse individuals and groups in a wide variety of business and community venues. She enjoys public speaking, group facilitation, coaching, training, and team building while managing multiple projects and events. In addition, Karen has served on the board of directors of community and civic organizations, and participated in philanthropic fundraising.

Karen is certified by the University of Phoenix in Human Resources Management. She graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Business Management and a Minor in Human Resources Management from the University of Phoenix, Houston, Texas. She has earned a Master of Business Management from the University of Phoenix, Houston, Texas.

Karen loves spending time with family, traveling, photography, and the sport of running; and combining all of these whenever possible.