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10 Hot BSA Exam Issues

Wednesday, March 11th, 2020   1:30 pm - 3:30 pm CT

Length: 2 hrs     Sponsored by Bank Webinars

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During this webinar we will look at the examination hot spots for 2020. Risk assessments, updating policy and procedure, adapting your program for advisories and new crimes.

Your program we look at continued problems with CIP and CDD. We will review technical errors audits are finding on the CTR and SAR. You will receive an update of the cyber-crimes, human trafficking and other crimes that have been added to the SAR in 2020.

Covered Topics

  • How to build a better risk assessment
  • Proposed Illicit Cash Act—Where are we now on beneficial ownership?
  • CIP and CDD – The REAL ID
  • CTR including new rule on a person with more than one role
  • SARS and the red flag cycle
  • BSA Training Requirements
  • Updating your policy and procedures for all the changes
  • The new FFIEC BSA Exam manual update or status
  • Working with high risk customers and services what is BSA’s role
  • Human trafficking and Human Smuggling, Elder Fraud and Cyber Crimes
  • Marijuana and Hemp
  • Managing the BSA process

Who Should Attend?

BSA Officers and coordinators, compliance, security and IT.


Deborah Crawford is the President of Gettechnical Inc., a Virginia based training company. She specializes in the deposit side of the financial institution and is an instructor on IRAs, BSA, Deposit Regulations and opening account procedures.

She was formerly with Hibernia National Bank (now Capital One) and has bachelor's and master's degrees from Louisiana State University. She has 30+ years of combined teaching and banking experience.